About PlanFees

Launched in 2020, PlanFees solves the daily challenge that retirement plan advisors have in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities while also creating successful outcomes for their plan sponsor clients. PlanFees is a subscription based FinTech platform that helps financial professionals grow their business using an accurate, yet easy-to-use, and customizable retirement plan fee benchmarking report. PlanFees utilizes a robust database of over 60,000 retirement plans with more than $500 billion in total assets. To learn more, visit planfees.com.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver retirement plan fee transparency and clarity. By only integrating with the highest quality partners and utilizing cutting-edge technology we provide unparalleled accuracy in our data. The seamless web portal and mobile experience allows retirement plan advisors and their clients to make better business decisions and reveal areas of fiduciary concern.

Who We Are

We are retirement plan nerds. PlanFees was founded by industry veterans across advisory, investment management, ERISA compliance and FinTech firms with the goal of delivering cutting edge FinTech using only the highest quality data, while following best practices.

Why PlanFees

Maintaining reasonable fees is one the most important fiduciary duties of a retirement plan sponsor. But what does "reasonable" really mean? Retirement plan advisors have spent countless hours trying to solve this riddle.

Most fee benchmarking reports are either too inaccurate (unreliable data sources, missing factors such as TPA fees, and countless other issues) or they are too in-depth and time consuming for the task of providing an annual fee benchmarking to clients.

PlanFees solves that challenge by meeting the needs of retirement plan advisory firms of all sizes - from the small shop who needs sales tools, to the mega-sized firms who need scalable processes. PlanFees delivers accurate and compelling data with an intuitive platform.

With just a few clicks, advisors can create beautifully crafted reports that shed light on the various components that make up a retirement plans total cost.